Block Out of Victorian Bedroom

Work In Progress / 03 June 2021

I'm in Substance Designer hell at the moment trying to make a particular type of walnut veneer for the antique side table. I'll blog about that later once I've made more progress. For now, I thought I'd fire up UE and block out the Victorian room I'm trying to populate with these assets.

A couple of accessories that aren't in the screenshot are sabres and swords mounted above the fireplace and maybe a teacup and saucer on top of the side table. I would also love to model some stationery and doodads for the writing desk.

Layout-wise, the room is pretty simple. There is only one path which goes from door to the writing desk to the fireplace area in a basic U-shape. There's an empty corner on the side of the bed next to the fireplace. I'm not sure yet what to place there. Suggestions?

Here are some possible scene shots for my final renders...

I'm not sure how long a scene like this is supposed to take me to model and texture from scratch. So far, I've been making each prop like it's a hero asset because my teacher told me that portfolio-wise, it's better to have fewer high quality assets than many so-so ones, so it's taking me quite a while per asset. 

I'm thinking of completing the room one section at a time, so I think I'll be doing them in sets:

  • Side Table, Lamp, Jewelry Box
  • Trim-mapped Modular Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Wall with Window (stained glass paneling), and Wall with door
  • Fireplace, Armchair (x2 duplicated), Swords
  • Side chair, Writing desk
  • Chest, Secretaire Bookcase
  • Console, plus maybe a matching decorative mirror to go on the wall on top of it
  • Chandelier, Door to the room, Balcony entrance, Balcony
  • Plants (various vases and foliage)  

Meanwhile, I'm gonna break up the 3d work with some 2d stuff. In the summer, I enjoy outdoor painting, so maybe I'll do a blog entry that's just sketches and paintings.


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See you next week!!!! <3