Beveling Woes

Making Of / 22 April 2021

When I first started sub-d modeling, bevels baffled me. In particular, I was confused about translating bevels from high poly to low poly. They're everywhere, though, so I thought I'd pick a piece of furniture with a crap ton of bevels for practice purposes.

This bed has... a lot of bevels.


Here's the modeling bit for the top part of the bed. The one with all the panels set on a larger piece with lots of frames.

The high poly, which has all the control edges for the frames. In translating them to low poly, they have to be consolidated.

Target welding the points to the middle edge. I used my pen tablet for this. It was easier and faster to move the vertices around with my pen than with my mouse.

I ended up with something like this. 

With all soft edges in Maya, the lighting was weird so, I had to harden the edges on the transitions.

Left panel is hardened edges, whereas right panel is soft edges.

Without the wireframe, to see the lighting better.

After I've hardened the edges, it looks about right. The next step will be to UV this and then mirror+merge it twice to complete the rest of the top board (since this is only a quarter of it.)

And now to do the rest of the bed. <3

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